Greendot Prepaid Casinos

What exactly are green dot casinos? They are those casinos that accept greendot prepaid credit card for making payments for the various games that you would have played in such online casino websites. Not all casino sites accept these greendot prepaid cards and hence you must be aware of the various green dot casinos where these cards are accepted and honored. Greendot Prepaid Visa and Master Cards are very widely used and accepted in the USA but the common question which haunts online casino players is that whether the same can be used in other countries also. The answer to this question is yes provided the casino where you are playing the games is one of the many green dot casinos. Funding your Greendot Prepaid card could be a problem if you are away from USA. However there are ways and means by which this can be done and all you have to do is to be aware of the relevant rules and procedures. The best of getting information on the same is to get into the website of Greendot and gather the necessary information.

There are quite a number of green dot casinos which allow you to use these cards directly. On the other hand there could be situations, where you would be encountered with a situation where the online casino does not accept this card. In such a situation, it would be better to log in to some ewallet site and become a member. Once you are there, you can transfer your Greendot credit card balance into such ewallet accounts and use the proceeds to payoff the online casino that refuses to accept Greendot credit cards.

At the end of the day though the number of greendot casinos are increasing day by day, it would always make sense to have an empty ewallet account just in case you need it in emergency situations as explained above.